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Purchasing residential properties in Vietnam

Purchasing residential properties in Vietnam

Purchasing residential properties in Vietnam is probably the desire of almost every foreigner (or expat) visiting Vietnam with the idea of settling in or immigrating to Vietnam.

Nha Trang, a beautiful coastal view in Central Vietnam

Unfortunately, for this dream to become reality, potential legal risks and hurdles are likely and, in most cases, results in horribly expensive financial challenges(1).

Most common legal issues, include:

Available properties for foreigners to purchase

Qualification of eligible foreigners, as buyers, under a sales and purchase agreement

Most suitable methods to purchase and own property in Vietnam

Proper streaming of funds overseas, to Vietnam, and, at a later stage, remit revenue, income by selling or transferring that property abroad

Ownership status of residential properties in Vietnam, freehold and/or long-term lease, to be exact.

The rights and obligations of a foreigner/expat in enjoying such properties.

Legal hurdles of purchasing properties in VietnamLegal hurdles of purchasing properties in Vietnam

Consider it a MUST to be?

Therefore, foreign buyers should consider it a MUST to be accompanied by an experienced and qualified lawyer, regardless of the buying option they have chosen – simple trading on the market or desiring to settle in Vietnam.

Gateway to Vietnam is such a boutique property firm that foreigners can put their trust in.

Not only can Gateway to Vietnam’s lawyers communicate well in English, but they thoroughly understands the market and legal frameworks and how they operate.

Gateway to Vietnam’s expertise and network, in the real estate industry, provide foreigners an A-to-Z solution for reducing foreigner’s costs and time in every aspect of a transaction.

What Gate2v can assist foreigners to purchase propertiesWhat Gate2v can assist foreigners to purchase properties

What more?

The Structure of Nomination

In addition, Gateway to Vietnam is specialized in foreigner purchases of land, and the building of houses under the structure of nomination.

Under the structure of nomination, a foreigner, along with their partner (usually, but not always, a Vietnamese fiancé/wife) will sign the loan agreement, deed of representation and indemnification, and collaborative agreement ensuring that the partner can stand in his/her position to purchase land, or other residential houses for their own interest.

Gateway to Vietnam is available to be the local partner for foreign buyers, in which the terms of engagement shall be prepared in place for the foreigner for review and acceptance.

Foreigners only need to consider the monthly remuneration for services rendered under the nominee structure.

Contact us today for initial advice and discover the benefits of lawyer assisted real estate purchases.

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